A Marketing Magnet for Your Practice

ADS has been appointed as a Preferred Supplier of MySmileSim which is a unique promotional tool for your practice with the following benefits :-

  • A point of difference that other practices cannot match
  • A modern and relevant way of marketing via social media
  • Promote valuable discussion with existing patients about their cosmetic options
  • Attract new patients
  • Add value to your current website traffic
  • Encourage Word-of-mouth and online referrals
  • All this without requiring any substantial time commitment from you


Successful marketing is about standing out from the crowd. It is creating a compelling and engaging message that holds the attention of people and that is almost irresistible. It's tougher now than ever before to achieve this given the increasing competition as a dental practice and the overload of marketing messages to which people are exposed today.

This is why mySmileSim is such a powerful tool.

It is unique.
It is engaging.
And it can deliver an amazing ROI.