SNAP produces realistic cosmetic “Before and After” simulated pictures in less than a minute. Show your patients how GREAT they are going to look! The simulated picture is taken home to show the Spouse, Family, and Friends. Giving a free SNAP “Smile Evaluation Photo” to virtually all of of your patients. (even in they just came in for a cleaning), will result in an immediate and dramatic increase in cosmetic bookings.

QUICK – Offer a smile evaluation during existing appointments – including all hygiene visits.

ENHANCED COMMUNICATION – Printed ‘before & after’ images allow patients to convey treatment to co-decision makers, such as parent or spouse.

MINIMAL TRAINING REQUIRED – Easy to use software that can be learned by all staff members through 1-minute video tutorials.

SUBTLE MARKETING TOOL – Differentiate your practice by including a ‘Digital Smile Makeover’ as part of your cosmetic consultations and a new patient exam

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